Vertical baler model V40i



When purchasing a Vertical Baler there is a wide variety of choice. With the Freedman Balers V40i there are features not found on any other baler, there is a double push system allowing the waste to breath and then re-compacting allowing more waste to be compacted per bale. The Auto cycle allows the operator more freedom, no levers to hold whilst operating, simply press the Start button and walk away.

There is an indicator light which tells you when the machine is compacting or retracting. The indicator tells you the door is closed and gives you a pre-set time to operate the button. The magnetic safety switch ensures that the machine cannot be operated with the door open.

The machine will only operate for that specific time required for that cycle making the machine more energy efficient that the majority of other machines on the market.

The machine is powered from standard 13 amp socket and does not start the motor at any time under load, a fault found with many of our competitors.



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