CBS PC10 chain lift range

Key features

Our four point linkage chain lift portable compactor, the CBS PC10 is ideally suited to those with smaller storage areas or with a smaller throughput of waste.

This range of compactors are sealed units, making them suitable for a wide range of waste products whether wet or dry and are particularly useful in situations where hygiene or environmental situations require a sealed unit.

They are designed to allow the control panel to be mounted to either side to suit the requirements of the customer.

Users will receive email or text message notifications when the machine is 75% full and again when it requires emptying.

We are able to vary settings and check for faults electronically directly from our office in order to optimise the performance of your machine to the waste product being processed. This also reduces the time our engineers need to spend on site should any issues need to be addressed and of course leads to savings for the customer.

Loading doors located to both sides and a large front/top loading door suitable for tipping skips.

They are designed and built to be bin lift compatible and to the British Chem standard.




Power supply:16 amp, 3 ph, 415 V, Min. D type motor rated breaker-
machine is fitted with 5 pin 16 amp plug
Motor size:5.5 kW
Cycle time:30 sec
Hydraulic pressure:230 bar max, 200 bar working
Head force:30 ton max, 25 ton working
Compaction head:width = 1805 mm
height = 575 mm
stroke = 1275 mm
Skip capacity:10 m3 (13 cubic yards)
Side loading door:load height from ground 990 mm
Door opening:800 mm wide x 1080 mm height
Machine height:2300 mm
Machine width:2000 mm
Machine length:4500 mm (transport) 5800 mm (working)
Machine weight:3.25 tonne
GPRS system:integrated modem and sim card.
fill level monitor and report via email.
machine performance monitor and report via email.

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