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Freedmans Balers are committed to an environmentally responsible and socially positive ethic. We are constantly working to ensure our business ethos is always in keeping with the basic principles of conserving resources and reducing waste and emissions through recycling and other energy conservation measures.

We believe it is the responsibility of the manufacturing community to lead the way in environmental sustainability. We are committed to sourcing sustainable materials and products that support a positive commitment to climate protection and preservation through energy efficiency and waste reduction.

Reduce the cost and maximise the value of dealing with your waste materials

Your waste may have a value but in real terms its return is low. However many companies overlook the hidden costs involved dealing with waste on-site including handling and hygiene control methods.

On-site waste if handled cost effectively can promote:

  • Increased productivity
  • Reduce staff time dealing with waste
  • Reduced space and resources
  • Reduction in unpleasant smells and any leakage of waste causing major vermin problems

Your waste may be turned into something of value rather than just rubbish which may cost in disposal.

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